Atheistic God

by Judgehydrogen

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    Beautifully reprinted as a digipak. This album contains "A Body of Water" which appears in the horror film "Sinister" starring Ethan Hawke and directed by Scott Derrickson.

    "Judgehydrogen eclipses the Swans most foreboding moments on “Atheistic God.” Phenomenal are the foreboding slomo hymns such as "Your Warning" and "Sunless Waters", or monumental heavy tracks like "Cursed Name,”
    that leaves little doubt of the coming man-made apocalypse of which the concept of the album is based. The tracks cut deeply into the subconscious and reverberates in the psyche of the listener. The intense compositions reach a frightening and nightmarish noveau that do not only rely on Judgehydrogen’s deep and sinister voice. The nightmarish atmosphere of these tracks leaves little room for optimism. You can experience this masterwork at his website-"
    9 out of 10 - MK

    JUDGEHYDROGEN is a great example of XXI century underground hero. And it’s not because his über-cool artistic moniker evokes that of a superhero. It’s simply because of his solid underground ethics and his admirable artistic courage and honesty.
    But may I start from the beginning…

    Geography converted me into a Myspacer: suddenly finding myself in an outlandish place where contemporary underground music is simply not part of the landscape made me seek a practical solution. I run into Judgehydrogen quite early on and his music immediately struck me as highly interesting. I fell in love with one of his tracks in particular and I soon realized that JH also had one quality that many Myspacer wannabe musicians sadly lack: he was actually an intelligent guy willing to share his thoughts. A few months on, he released his first album while I realized my temporary break with the world of music journalism was over. Efforts like this album had to be talked about, investigated and celebrated!

    Upon receiving Judgehydrogen’s promo pack I was prepared for an intense listen, but as the album unfolded and got engrossed deeper and deeper into the visionary, chilling lyrics, I knew this stunning work would unfold more surprises.
    “Atheistic God” is not a journey for the faint hearted: like a dark genetic imprint, the stifling intensity is relentlessly sustained throughout the nine “apocalyptic dirges” (that’s how the artist himself aptly describes the tracks), the longest of which unfolds through just over 12 minutes of breathless bleakness. In spite of the sparse displays of blatant sonic brutality this IS in fact a very EXTREME album in the way it stirs the soul to feel unsavory emotions, coerces the imagination into black and white visions, fills the mind with abject fear and drenches the heart with profound desolation and regret. So a word of warning: this album will shatter you at first; it will take you to dark places your subconscious would not normally allow you to visit and it will haunt you. But after a few listens you will have learnt how to master those uneasy emotions and you will be able to jump across a different dimension. An intimately tangible dimension I can only describe as an uncompromisingly dark yet realistic reflection on humanity’s failings. Judgehydrogen’s gloomy voice is the final lament of our doomed collective consciousness.

    Re-living like in a deja-vu the horrid apocalyptic nightmare of the end of human civilization without any complacency is no mean feat. But Judgehydrogen’s stoic sobriety and brutal honesty do not leave any space for unnecessary epic tones. Equally, his profoundly deep insights and tortured awareness do not leave any space for false hope. We are the cause of our imminent downfall: both the powerful, who manipulate the masses for their own personal gain, and the common man, who chooses to be blindly guided towards a doomed path, are to be blamed. Unsurprisingly, the main focus of the album is specifically directed onto the destructive power and hypocritical non-sense that is religion. It’s a theme particularly close to my own a-theistic heart, and JH explores it with courage and frankness through some very intense, visionary poetry. For example in “The Things to Come” he poses very crude questions by comparing the figure of Hitler to that of Christ: a controversial yet perfectly rational moral dilemma explored by a few artists, first and foremost by Rozz Williams. In fact, the spirit of the very much missed early voice of Christian Death is most definitely present throughout this work, which should be an automatic green light for the lovers of Goth at its most extreme. But “Atheistic God” is so much more than a full-on contemporary Goth album. Of course the wonderful and almost ballady “Your Warning” captures immediately for its quietly chilling early Nick Cave-ish mood, but it is complex, experimental tracks like “Contempt for Sacrifice” (with its unique mix of Hieronymus and Lee Dorrian type-of-vocals) and the stunningly sinister saga of “Sunless Waters” that really push this effort into territories of dark avant-garde genius previously inhabited by brave groundbreaking artists such as early Joy Division, Clock DVA, Throbbing Gristle, The Swans and Coil.

    So this makes this debut album a highly recommended listen for those of you who do not have any fear of the unknown and can rise above the restrictive confinements of musical genres. In fact, I officially (and ironically) declare “Atheistic God” SEM ETERNA’S CHRISTMAS ALBUM OF 2007. No, it’s not a joke: while half of the world will be stuck in absurdly insane rituals celebrating the birth of a made-up Son of God, spending money they don’t have to momentarily pretend that their lives are totally in control, I shall blast this brutally bleak monument to atheism out of my famously blasphemous speakers!!... The time has come for people to accept that there is no god. Our future depends on us only. Happy fukingCRASSmas to you!

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released July 7, 2007

lyrics Judgehydrogen
musick Judgehydrogen



all rights reserved


Judgehydrogen Madison, Wisconsin

Judgehydrogen is a visual artist and musician. The focus of his works are
apocalyptic myths. He is best known for his song "A Body of Water" which appears
in the new Ethan Hawke film 'Sinister' directed by Scott Derrickson.

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Track Name: Atheistic God
where is our philosopher king?
no wise one to illuminate
drive this headless vessel onward
our ageless wisdom serves us well

guide my hand and I will violate you

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Track Name: A Body of Water
I want to show you the folly of your ways
To the infamy of your name something has happened
I’d rather you dead then telling me now…
I’d rather you dead then telling me now…

I want to show you the piano wire in my hands
Or perhaps the violent mirror you fancy
Because you’ve had so many and I so few…
Because you’ve had so many and I so few…

I want to show you my marvelous fossil collection
Of ancient creatures and friends long gone
Aquatic animals of uncertain origin…
Aquatic animals of uncertain origin…

I want to show you my polluted rivers
And the shallow pond from which they ebb
A body of water filled with black ink…
A body of water filled with black ink…

I want to show you the oculus that watches from above
All our actions observed and meticulously recorded
They have the eyes that see…
They have the eyes that see…

I want to show you how my heart has soured
And the fetid matter that coats my tongue
Through the ribcage I am released…
Through the ribcage I am released…
Track Name: The Deepest Sleep
Do you know the song I sing?
World it feels like its torn in two
When will I see your face?
The time will come in the hour of grace

All the words I ever said
Never meant anything
They were only sounds to fill the air
The only comfort is the deepest sleep

Sleep that will cure all ills
I know warmth nuclear embrace
Light that releases you from that coil
Wish I could say something that would save us
Track Name: Your Warning
your mind is bloated with nostalgia
memories of things you have owned
it's cold and pointless like this landscape
that unfolds before us into the dirt

I've been thinking
and I've been wondering
about your warning

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Track Name: Cursed Name
we cannot let this temple leave
the confines of this vessel
we cannot let our violence
breach confines of these skies

move on move on once again
I tell you this for my own sake
we know whats best for all of us
a temple without it's head
there's no forgiving
mutilating our own home

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Track Name: The Things to Come
I had a dream last night
I heard a voice coming down the hall
there was no one there
a sign of the things to come

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Track Name: Contempt for Sacrifice
all your strength is gone
I stand here all alone
your kingdom broken and charred
all is desolate from your hand
no one follows your light now
cruel and endless night holds nothing

my contempt for sacrifice is my only regret
it comes so easily bearing my neck to them
but it was my desire to punish their purity
and to punish your contempt for our flesh

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Track Name: Sunless Waters
I have found myself lost in sunless waters...

more lyrics in song