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Greetings my friends. Thank you for visiting my page. I am Judgehydrogen. For the last 10 years I’ve I created dark atmospheric musick and I have released 5 albums. My musick is a meditative experience and a catharsis in which I release my inner demons.

You may have heard some of my musick in horror films. One of my my songs “A Body of Water” in the 2012 horror movie “Sinister.” My musick appears in the infamous “Pool Party” scene.

I am here today to request your patronage. In these times the path of a dark artist is tortuous and fraught with many obstacles. Your patronage will enable me to release new musick on many different media including vinyl. If you do become a patron of my musick you shall receive many gifts. These gifts will come in the form of exclusive content. I have an extensive library of many unreleased tracks. There will also be gifts of my original
apocalyptic artwork. My art and musick are reflections of each other.

The role of artist patron is significant. Throughout history much art would have never been created without generous benefactors, like yourselves. You have the opportunity to become a benefactor of my musick and aid the creation of this art. I believe my vision is unique and a necessary reflection of humanity’s current path. You can share in this vision with me.

Many thanks my friends and soon you will see what my eyes have seen.

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Madison, Wisconsin
Judgehydrogen is a visual artist and musician. The focus of his works are
apocalyptic myths. He is best known for his song "A Body of Water" which appears
in the new Ethan Hawke film 'Sinister' directed by Scott Derrickson.

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