Cult of Blood

by Judgehydrogen

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Judgehydrogen's second album in which he submerges in heavier sounds and occult imagery. “Cult of Blood” is ferocious and deep. Judgehydrogen’s sound has evolved. His sound has expanded from the dirge dominated “Atheistic God” into powerful doom anthems. Still present and prevalent are oppressive dark ambient and atmospheric gothic elements. The power of his musick is visceral and conceptual. We bleed for nothing. Our wrists are open and our sacrifice in vain. “Cult of Blood” is his gift to you. Bleed with him

"Hair raising atmospheres gurgling with virulent doom struck metal. This macabre one man project, bred in Madison, WI, produces primal disturbances in the creep-a-dellic frequency spectrum while profanely exercising a deep vocal pleasure. Seriously dark."
-Maximum Ink Nov. 2008

"Cult of Blood" review in Inwë metal magazine
Line up: Judgehydrogen - song and instruments
Judgehydrogen is a one man band originating in Wisconsin (the USA) that formed in 2006. His first album is called “Atheistic God.” In 2008 he released “Cult of Blood”- this is the one I will speak to you about. First thing: The artwork. This is already a good point for him. I adore this type of pocket: Simple, dark and in total harmony with the music. The interior of this digipak is also extremely well designed with a photograph of our artist worked into the composition. And now let us talk about the music.

After my first listen, I wondered how to carry out this chronicle. I choose not to detail each song separately-not because I am lazy-but quite simply because that is impossible! If one disassociates from each other, I think it would loose intensity and one would not perceive the totality of the vision expressed by this man. But this “Cult of Blood” is in which style? That is a good question! It has a lot of doom. The tempo is slow, throbbing but chaotic at the same time, moving in many directions, but with this feeling of perpetual control on us.

The dark ambient element plays an important role with unique soundscapes that one would find in Blood Axis or Jewels Of the Princess, which reinforce the atmosphere of doom already extremely well carried out. Then, there are moments when one confronts total darkness-and that is when the madness seizes the music and the feeling of control one had disappears. The synth which lasts the entire album is throbbing, and has a unique sound which helps create this fabulous setting of this music. It foreshadows a fine tragedy which will soon arrive and gives a force to the music one seldom finds in groups of pure doom.

The voice, or should I rather say voices, are all fabulous stylistically. Sometimes spell-binding, sometimes extreme, and you cannot stop listening. The female vocals are sometimes clear which adds a little softness and hope in this chaotic universe. At some moments it is darker and non-yelling and other times it makes me think of Aldrahn. Judgehydrogen is undoubtedly one of the best current singers to my taste!

In conclusion, Judgehydrogen and his “Cult of Blood” manage to create a new style of music which penetrates the depths of the heart and soul with no return.

Note de satanic blood : 8.5/10

Schwarze-News review of Cult of Blood
Category: Music

A review of “Cult of Blood” in Schwarze-News by Johannes
8.5 out of 10

Original link in German:

auf English:
There is a lot of sombre ambient music. But the truly distressing pearls of this genre are hidden wasting away in theabyss of the human mind. And thus Judgehydrogen (Wisconsin USA) hammer and saw - with some guitar support, sometimes minimalistic and Ambient/Gothic.

You can hear the sirens beckon you in the first track "Cult ofBlood." It is a chilling mixture of monotonous keyboard/synths,vocals and whispers, interrupted by yelling and occasional screaming voices.

Now the storm intensifies and pummels the listener with "The Road (This Night they Walk)." The furious voice and guitar work together quite well. This bizarre song in particular creates an unbelievable atmosphere and climax.

After the short intermission "Prostrate," "Our Pursuit of
Bliss" follows with a similar style as "The Road." It is
an even stranger track, but more ferocious and distressing. It is an apathetic sound mix which wears down the mind.

After these ferocious tracks follows the atmospheric and minimalistic chorale "Our Shining Plague." At times it seems shapeless certainnuances give it form and lead you through the song. The vocals precipitate very quietly and strongly. The song - just like the whole cd from time to time - reminds a little of Nick Cave's first album "From Her to Eternity."

In "Silent Crypt" the tempo increases a little, but the Nick Cave likeatmosphere remains in this "close season."

"Precipice" might begin quietly but the whisper combined with light acoustic guitar crawls slowly into your mind. It is a really consistent but unconventional work. To embed an acoustic guitar in the background was just the right decision.

"Around Your Throat" and "Cruel by Just" completes the
atmosphere by tempo increase and the application of an E guitar.

"Of Lepers and Prophets" is the archetypal 15 minutes long end piece. It holds a wide spectrum of sounds and moods until it runs out slowly with epic organ tones and vocal samples and carefully leads us intoinsanity.

To Summerize: Judgehydrogen creates incredibly thick atmospheres full of weird antipathy and occasional beauty. Always unconventional and wilfull this album remains loyal to his vision and won't be liked by anybody. You should take the time to listen and let the music work on you.
8.5 out of 10-Johannes


released October 20, 2008

lyrics Judgehydrogen
musick Judgehydrogen



all rights reserved


Judgehydrogen Madison, Wisconsin

Judgehydrogen is a visual artist and musician. The focus of his works are
apocalyptic myths. He is best known for his song "A Body of Water" which appears
in the new Ethan Hawke film 'Sinister' directed by Scott Derrickson.

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Track Name: Cult of Blood
Your Cult of Blood is Mighty…
Your Cult of Blood is Mighty…
Your Cult of Blood is Mighty…

Death it is our name
Murder it our name
Upon our altar
We will doom all dreams

Our obsessions are ghoulish
Our obsessions monsterous

Blood of your children
It is ours to spill
Pride will fill your heart
As they die for nothing

Through time we march Onto the end we bring through Our death dream

Now our hands are red
Now the seas are red
Rebirth it is for fools
Reborn in the grave

Blood from our sacred cult gives us life
Blood from our sacred cult gives us faith
Track Name: The Road (This Night They Walk)
Walk down this road through the dark to the ending
Gloom fills your heart fills your heart fills your dreams
Moan as your bones crack and bend as you stumble
Flesh grips you tight in great fear of their hunger
Trees bent and weeping burnt and bleeding to your memories
Reach out to you black and coarse dead old friends
Now hear their steps hide from them stop your breathing
Watch as they tear flesh and veins off each other

In this rite they praise their lord Their guts are bloated with death and bone
This night they walk to your light Their kingdom has come and now you writhe

More lyrics in song
Track Name: Our Pursuit of Bliss
I spurn you
I am right
Fall down now
Show us your malice
Malice for life and
all that breaths
Your perfection is death
Open your wrists for me
bleed sanctify yourself

Secretly I need you
Secretly I bleed for you
Painfully I live for you
Painfully I mourn for you

More lyrics in song
Track Name: Our Shining Plague
See the star in the sky
It will lead us to our doom
Nights are black
Night is our fate
Now the stars will lie to us

What have we done for you?
Your enemies have been vanquished
We thought you had sought love
Can we live with ourselves?

More Lyrics in Song
Track Name: 10/20/08 - Silent Crypt
Our crypt it is so silent
We shall move no stones
Everything was for nothing
For our cult has failed

Because we don’t understand sacrifice

It’s for nothing
It’s for no one

More lyrics in song
Track Name: doom metal, my dying bride, coil, evil, occult, atmospheric metal, darkambient, post-apocalyptic, - Precipice
Your mouth is agape envy hatred it does not matter to you on shards of glass you are balanced precariously without hopes of vitality or consummation

more lyrics in song
Track Name: Around Your Throat
They will tie us down
They will cut us down
Tear our limbs apart
And relish our bloody flesh

O sweet torture I revel in your light!

It something we live with and I don’t know why

Can you feel their reptilian hands around your throat?
And around your heart?

more lyrics in song
Track Name: Cruel but Just
You are stretched
You are helpless
Your hands are nailed
Your feet are nailed
My hunger aflame

Your head is in my hands and I gaze into your eyes and I wonder if your eyes have seen-seen what my eyes have seen

more lyrics in song